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Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plans


Why should I Maintain my equipment?

AC unit cleaningHow often do you maintain your vehicles? Did you know that your heating and cooling system runs for more hours than your car? The good news is that it doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance. Having Jungle Cat Heating And Cooling perform furnace and air conditioning maintenance each year can help your equipment keep you comfortable for years to come. We make sure that your equipment is running safely and efficiently, and we give you tips and guidelines for the regular maintenance that you can do between tune-ups.

You know you can trust Jungle Cat Heating And Cooling to take care of your heating and cooling equipment. We’ve developed an annual maintenance package to help you keep your equipment in great condition. We call it the Jungle Cat Heating And Cooling Family Agreement. When you choose Jungle Cat Heating And Cooling Family Agreement, you get the lowest pricing available on our most valuable service.

Jungle Cat Heating And Cooling Family Agreement

We agree to provide you with a complete maintenance semiannually as follows:

  1. Blow out and clean drain lines
  2. Check and clean outdoor coil
  3. Clean air handler and examine evaporator coil
  4. Treat indoor unit with bacterial, fungal stat, deodorizer
  5. Check refrigerant pressure
  6. Check voltage and amps on motors
  7. Check all electrical connections, tighten if needed
  8. Replace filter (customer supplied) or clean washable filter

Benefits of the Jungle Cat Heating And Cooling Family Agreement

  • Free Annual Cooling Check
  • Free Annual Heating check
  • Free Coil Cleanings
  • Free Program Transfers
  • Free 30 Day Labor Warranty
  • 20% Discount On Replacement Parts
  • 20% Discount On Repair Labor Cost
  • No Overtime Rate Increases
  • 10% Discount On New Equipment

Each professional tune-up is preformed by one of your NATE Certified technicians. We service all brands and models. We follow manufacture guidelines and report to you what we have checked and adjusted.


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